Friday, 1 June 2007

Disabled Children

A recent report from the Treasury and DfES has examined how services for disabled children can improve their life chances. Aiming High for Disabled Children: Better Support for Families was published on 21 May, and coincided with a government pledge to commit £340 million to improving services in this area.

Three reports from the past year are worth reading if you have an interest in this area. The DfES has been behind two of these - A Better Start: Children and Families with Special Needs and Disabilities in Sure Start Local Programmes and Preventing Social Exclusion of Disabled Children and Their Families - while the University of Birmingham was responsible for My School, my Family, my Life: Telling it Like it is. Further useful information can be obtained from the Disability Rights Commission, although this is due to be superseded by the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights in October.

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