Tuesday, 21 August 2007


After a quiet couple of months, stories about childhood obesity are once more in the media, after two new studies have highlighted new areas of concern where children's weight is concerned. The first piece of research has recommended that children should not be put on low-fat diets, as their energy needs differ from those of adults. In the second study, researchers working with a group of rats (charming!) have suggested that mothers who eat junk food during pregnancy may unintentionally influence the eating habits of their offspring in later life.

To read the full version of the first study, click on this link. The second article regarding pregnancy can be found in hard copy in Summer Row Library - the reference is below:

Erhuma, A et al. (2007) Prenatal Exposure to Undernutrition and Programming of Responses to High-Fat Feeding in the Rat.
British Journal of Nutrition, Vol. 98, No. 3, pp. 517-524.

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