Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Latest from OnTheWeb

Once again the people behind the OnTheWeb service (click here for details) have done an excellent job of bringing together details of new reports and research in the areas of education and childcare. The highlights in the latest issue include the Harnessing Technology Review 2007, which is Becta's latest annual summary of how ICT is being employed in education. Also new is Rights Here, Rights Now, a UNICEF report which looks at the issue of how to protect illegally trafficked children in the UK. Or why not take a look at the excellently named Hoodie or Goodie?, which explores the links between victimisation and offending behaviour in young people.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Just read the latest from on the web (16/10/07) and I'm surprised to see there is nothing relating to the effects of computer and video games on children; especially in light of the recent publicity surrounding a new study by Tanya Byron. I was wondering if there has been any recent research in this area that I may have missed!