Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Educational Evidence Portal

Probably the main function of this blog is to direct students and staff towards research reports and other useful information on the Web which they could otherwise have missed. Obviously I do my best to point users to as many useful documents as possible as they become available, but it's impossible to check all of the best research sites every time that they are updated.

However, an excellent new site which has just been launched may make this task a little easier in the future. The Educational Evidence Portal (EEP) has been designed to bring together the resources from a number of important educational organisations in the UK; basically it allows you to simultaneously search though important documents on the websites of organisations such as the DCSF, Ofsted, Becta, and over 20 others. The EEP is still in development and promises more features soon, but I'd already recommend that you bookmark this site as it's likely to be useful on many occasions for your research.

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