Friday, 14 March 2008


In the headlines today is a claim that up to 2 million children have dyslexic-type learning difficulties which are not currently being catered for by the government's literacy strategy. This information comes from an interim report from a research project which is being funded by the DCSF - you can read the report here.

If you have an interest in dyslexia, there are a number of established organisations from whom you can obtain further information. Today's report has been published by XtraordinaryPeople, while you may also be interested in the work of the British Dyslexia Association, Dyslexia Action, or British Dyslexics.

For more research information on dyslexia, you should certainly take at Literature Review of Current Approaches to the Provision of Education for Children with Dyslexia, which was published last year by the Scottish government's education department. Or you can take a look at the Dyslexia journal; back issues of this can be accessed in full via Athens by going into the Wiley InterScience site.

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