Wednesday, 9 April 2008

CCInform User Guides

If you've been using the CCInform service (click here for details) then you may be pleased to know that user guides for the site are now available. I'm not able to attach documents to the blog so can't make the guide available here, but there is a plentiful supply in the Subject Librarian's office in Summer Row Library if you'd like to collect one.


Anonymous said...

When will CCInform be available for BA ECS students? It sounds like a really useful resource

David Renfree said...


Thanks for your question - the answer is ASAP. Due to the way the site is set up, we have to enrol each student individually so it takes a while to add all the names that we want to have access. If you're really keen on having a look at the service, send me an email or drop by the Subject Librarian's Office and I'll take your details and set you up with an account. The same applies to anyone else who's reading this!