Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Delicious Part 2

Further to yesterday's post, you should now see a new window entitled 'My Delicious' about halfway down this page on the right-hand site. How does it work? Read on...

As you can probably imagine, whilst helping our users I have to skim through a lot of childhood / social policy related web pages every day. Many of these pages contain information which other students or staff will find useful, but there's simply too many of them to include on the blog each day. So what I'll be doing from now on is 'tagging' these pages so that they automatically appear in the window on this page - in other words, every time you visit, there should be something new to look at. I don't promise that every link that appears in the window will be relevant to your own particular research interests, but hopefully many of you will pick up the occasional useful piece of information from this service.

Apologies if the blog's been getting a little 'techie' over the past couple of weeks; posts on new childhood and education research will be appearing again as soon as there's a big story!

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