Friday, 4 April 2008


Intute is a free service which has been put together by staff at Universities and Colleges throughout the UK. The site's core is comprised of thousands of websites which have been handpicked for the reliability and quality of the information that they contain, although Intute also contains additional services such as tutorials on using the Web and a personalisation feature.

Another of the services which Intute offers is a series of booklets outlining the very best of the Web in specific subject areas, and some of these should be of real interest to students within the School of Childhood and Education. While the booklets don't contain much that hasn't already featured on this blog, they should come in useful if you prefer your information in a printed format.

Click on the links below to access booklets on the following topics:


Anonymous said...

This site has been really useful for assignments, looking for journals and references.

David Renfree said...

Glad you found it useful - Intute is well worth bookmarking as it will probably point you towards useful websites for virtually any assignment that you do.