Thursday, 25 September 2008

DCSF Research

Usually around this time of year, our final year degree students are expected to have some idea of what topic they would like to focus on for their dissertation. In recent years one of the most popular areas for research has been to look at the provision which is available to gifted and talented students, so if you're thinking of studying that topic (or just have an interest in the subject), then you might want to look at a new report which the DCSF has just released. Click here to have a look at the report, or a 3 page summary of the findings is also available.

Also new from the DCSF are a detailed report on services for disabled children, and a literature review on the subject of independent learning. Happy reading!


Tahira said...

I am doing my dissertation on G&T and thier provision-- I tried to access the link however both of them do not work-- any help there

David Renfree said...

Hi Tahira

Many of the links to older government material are no longer working, as outlined on the 'Report A Broken Link' page - - however, I've found the documents at their new address and fixed the links for the gifted reports, so they're working now.