Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Children's Survey / Gifted Children

Ofsted has just published its annual Tellus3 survey which asks 10-15 year olds in England a range of questions covering the five Every Child Matters outcomes about their lives, concerns, and general wellbeing. You can read about some of the most interesting findings by looking at this news story, while the full figures are available by following this link, and then clicking on the pdf icon.

Also new is some research from the Sutton Trust which claims that one of the keys to improving the chances of gifted poorer children is to provide more effective careers advice. The report which contains these conclusions is entitled Increasing Higher Education Participation Amongst Disadvantaged Young People and Schools in Poor Communities. The Sutton Trust has also addressed the issue of poorer children in another recent report, Low Income Pupils in High Performing Comprehensive Schools.

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