Thursday, 30 October 2008

Family Support Workers

Today's post is aimed at our students on the Family Support Workers foundation degree course. I spoke with some of you in the library on Monday and it was mentioned that while many of you look at the blog regularly, you'd like to see more posts relating specifically to your course rather than general childcare issues. While in some ways this issue is out of my control as I usually just write about whatever is making the headlines (and children's issues are in the news a lot), here's a couple of pointers for you.

The first group of students who started this course last year were also interested in finding out more about good online information, and so I wrote a post for them with links to all of the best research websites in your subject; all of the sites that were covered are still very relevant 12 months on, so you can look at what's recommended in your area by clicking here. Also, if you look at the 'Hot Topics' list on the right hand side of this page and click on the 'Families' link you'll see that all of the posts on here that are relevant to your course are listed; among these are links to reports on Family Intervention projects, drug use in families and communities, family spending, and much more. Of course, new reports on family-related issues will be covered on the blog as and when they appear.

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