Monday, 27 April 2009

Education in England

A tip today to help those students who make enquiries about historical attitudes to education or childcare. While the library has a number of books that are useful for this topic, you should also have a look at Education in England. This is a website which has been put together by a retired headmaster named Derek Gillard, and provides access to the full text of a growing number of historically important educational reports such as the 1967 Plowden Report, the 1978 Warnock Report, and the 1992 'Three Wise Men' Report. The site also contains some useful articles by Derek himself which help to put some of the reports into context by explaining the educational developments that were occurring at the time that they were compiled.

If you are researching the work of an educational thinker from some time ago, there is always the chance that the full text of their work can be found online as it is no longer in copyright. Students learning about John Dewey may want to have a look at a complete version of Democracy and Education, while those of you finding out about Maria Montessori can read her 1917 book entitled Spontaneous Activity in Education.

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