Friday, 29 May 2009

Information on Faith Schools

Following a student's request for information on faith schools, and having discovered a couple of resources that were new to me, it seems to make sense to share them with any other readers of the blog who may have an interest in this hotly debated area.

First of all, a couple of reports which have been mentioned on here before: Right to Divide? Faith Schools and Community Cohesion is a 2008 publication from the Runnymede Trust, which asks if faith schools are becoming a mechanism for preserving privilege in society. Similar ground is covered by a 2006 report entitled Faith Primary Schools: Better Schools or Better Pupils?, and some NFER research from 2002 - The Impact of Specialist and Faith Schools on Performance.

Elsewhere on the web, the Teachernet website has a section of its website devoted to faith schools, while the Guardian has an area where news stories and features on this topic are collected. The UK Parliamentary site has recently issued statistics on Faith Schools: Admissions and Performance, or if you've got half an hour to spare, then Teachers TV has a 30 minute episode of its series Talking Point devoted to the subject.

As far as our own library resources go, a search on the InformaWorld and Sage services within Athens has revealed quite a number of articles which can be accessed in full and which provide different perspectives on the issue. At present we don't have too many relevant books, but this will be rectified with the arrival of several up-to-date titles over the summer.

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