Monday, 16 November 2009

Anti-Bullying Week

This week is National Anti-Bullying Week, which means that a number of organisations are seeking to raise awareness of issues surrounding all forms of bullying. This year seems to have a particular emphasis on cyber-bullying, with the appearance of a number of new reports and resources devoted to this subject.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance sends out a resource pack containing various materials to schools at this time each year, and all of the contents can be downloaded from this link. Meanwhile, Bullying UK has launched a mobile version of its cyber-bullying site, which enables children to access advice and information while on the move.

For new research, take a look at Virtual Violence: Protecting Children from Cyberbullying, a new report from the Beatbullying charity; the study aims to highlight the true extent of cyberbulling in the UK. Also, Teachers TV has commissioned a new programme entitled The Bullies Playground, which conducts a detailed study of cyberbullying.

For official guidance on tackling all types of bullying, the Teachernet website has compiled this list of links to various documents and sources which have been issued in recent years. Or for further information, you could just click on the 'Bullying' link in the 'Hot Topics' menu in the right-hand column of this page, which will give you a list of all blog posts which have dealt with this topic.

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