Monday, 18 January 2010

Wellbeing & Creative Learning

A few new items which have come to light over the weekend...

A new report from the Young Foundation details a study which concluded that children's outcomes were greatly improved when schools ran a programme focused on boosting wellbeing. The report, entitled The State of Happiness, argues (among other things) for the teaching of resilience to schoolchildren, and can be read online. On a similar theme, the DCSF has just published Promoting the Emotional Health of Children and Young People, which is a guidance document that sets out the core support and services which children, young people and families require.

Also new is a piece of research from Ofsted investigating the impact of creative approaches to learning. The report examines 44 different schools and concludes that creative approaches to learning have a positive impact on pupils' personal development and preparation for life beyond school. For a link to the research, click here.

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