Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Something for Everyone

Bear with me, today's update is going to be a monster. I've been away for a week, during which it seems that the childcare sector has gone into overdrive, so here's a simple update of significant news stories and new research with summaries where available:
  • This week (Monday 5th July - Sunday 11th July) is National Childhood Obesity Week. To find links to previous research on this topic, take a look at the 'Hot Topics' section in the right-hand column and click on 'Child Obesity.'
  • Engaging for their Futures and our Society is the title of a new report from the Children's Communication Coalition, and examines how to improve the life chances of children with speech, language and communication needs.
  • The Centre for Policy Studies has published Cutting the Children's Plan, a report which suggests areas where savings in children's services can be made in the forthcoming public sector cuts.
  • Teaching enthusiasts may find Behaviour for Learning useful; this is a research anthology which examines the different learning styles of pupils and teachers' attitudes towards them.

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