Thursday, 28 October 2010

Fathers & Education

A recent request for information on fathers' involvement in their children's education turned up a host of resources, so it seems a shame not to share them with blog readers. If this is a topic that interests you, then read on...

The Teacher Training Resource Bank is a site aimed at students on PGCE courses, although much of the material on there will be useful to other students too. The site has an e-librarian who puts together lists of resources in answer to questions from the site's users, and an enquiry on fathers and education has resulted in a lengthy number of suggestions which you can view by clicking this link.

Tim Kahn of the Pre-School Learning Alliance has put together some reports in this area - among such items are Fathers’ Involvement in Early Years Settings: Findings from Research, Where’s Dad? Exploring the Views of Children, Fathers and Mothers on Involving Fathers in Early Years Settings, and Involving Fathers in Early Years Settings: Evaluating Four Models for Effective Practice Development.

The old DfES and DCSF produced a number of reports and briefings that are related to this topic:
Last year the National Literacy Trust put together a research paper entitled Why Fathers Matter to their Children's Literacy.

The Family & Parenting Institute has put together a short piece on parental engagement, together with links to yet further reading.

Further information on various issues surrounding the role of the father can be obtained from the Fatherhood Institute.


Gemma said...

Definitely agree with the post. Early eduction is critical to the future success of every child.

Anonymous said...

It is at this early stage that the foundations and habits are formed. There it is vital these children start of on a good footing.