Monday, 28 February 2011

Digital Education Resource Archive (DERA)

One of the most frustrating things about being an education librarian (or any kind of Web user for that matter...) is finding that valuable links that you have saved, which connect to important reports or research are no longer working as the information has been moved to another place. Sometimes it's quite simple to find the original document again, but in a worst case scenario it's possible that it could have vanished from the Web forever.

This is where a new service aimed at the educational researcher comes in. The IOE UK Digital Education Repository Archive (DERA) is a digital archive of all documents published electronically by government and related bodies in the area of education, and their aim is the permanent preservation of all electronic publications on education. Furthermore, the site owners are committed to making the collection permanently and freely accessible to all.

The site already contains over 1000 documents, and can either be browsed or searched using keywords. The collection will continue to grow as more reports are added, and should prove to be invaluable to anyone researching education, so I'd strongly suggest that users of this site save it to their bookmarks for regular use.

To visit the DERA site and learn more, click here.

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