Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Munro Review of Child Protection

Today sees the publication of the latest report - click here to read - from the Munro Review of Child Protection. The Munro Review was commissioned by the government in June 2010, with a brief to examine current procedures for safeguarding children and the role of social workers; more details are available from it's website.

The Review's first report - Part One: A Systems Analysis - contained an analysis of current problems in the child protection system and how they had arisen. The new publication has the theme of 'The Child's Journey' and outlines potential reforms which the government should consider to improve support services; already it has attracted headlines for its recommendation to reduce the 'tick box' culture that it describes, while Community Care has highlighted a suggestion that all children's services should be subject to unannounced inspections. However, topics such as multi-agency working are also addressed.

The final report from the Munro Review is due in April. Further information on similar publications can be found by clicking on the 'Child Protection / Safeguarding' link in the Hot Topics menu on the right-hand side of this page.

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