Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Return of Teachers TV

A couple of weeks ago (see previous post) I mentioned that the Teachers TV website would no longer be available. Since then, two separate websites - SchoolsWorld.TV and teachersmedia - have both been set up with the promise of providing free access to the entire archive of 3500 programmes very shortly.

It's a little confusing as both sites claim to be run by people who were behind the original Teachers TV website! Anyway, it seems as though fans of the original service will once more be able to view the programmes. There is also the promise of possible new videos being created so keep watching this space...


Thomas Henry said...

There seems to have been a whirlwind of activity around the future of the Teachers TV videos over the past few weeks, which has been somewhat confusing to say the least! There was a #saveTTV campaign on twitter quite early on, and since then various people have been promising to host these resources… But I recently found out that TES Resources have now got the videos up on their site, free to view – check it out!

David Renfree said...

Hi Thomas

Thanks for this. I did see on Twitter that the TES site was also hosting the videos, but you've got in before I could mention this in a post! There will probably be a follow up post on here shortly when all sites are fully up and running.