Thursday, 22 March 2012

Encyclopedia on Early Child Development

As I've had a number of requests for information on child development in recent days, it's worth posting a reminder about one of the best free resources I've ever come across ...

The Encyclopedia on Child Development website is an ongoing project from the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development, which is based at the University of Montreal. In total the Encyclopedia covers 47 topics relating to the psychosocial development of children, with numerous articles on each. In addition, all articles are authored by one of a panel of international experts, so you can be sure of the quality and reliability of the information that you find.

If I've one criticism of the site, it's that it's occasionally a little difficult to navigate. My personal preference is for hovering over the 'List of Topics' button on the homepage, then selecting a subject from the menu and finally clicking on 'Complete Folder' to view all articles on that topic. However, there are other ways to navigate the site which you may find that you prefer.

To visit the Encyclopedia on Early Child Development now, click here.

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