Wednesday, 4 April 2012

After the Riots

Following a request from a student, here's some information on the independent report into last summer's riots which was published last week. According to the report, a lack of support and opportunity for young people contributed to the outbreak of riots, and an inability to prevent reoffending, and a lack of confidence in the police are also mentioned. The Guardian has also devoted a section of its website to articles about the events.

Last week's report - entitled After the Riots - was authored by the Riots, Communities and Victims Panel, which has now disbanded following their final publication. You can read more about them and the background to the project on their website.

The full text of After the Riots can be viewed by clicking here - readers of this site may be particularly interested in Section 2.1 which is titled 'Children and Parents'; an executive summary is also available. Other reports on the riots that may interest readers include this one from the National Centre for Social Research, this one from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and this one from the Children's Society.

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