Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fostering & Adoption Processes

The NFER have just published The Experiences of Fostering and Adoption Processes. This is a literature review which examines the views and experiences of children and young people who have been involved in these processes over the last decade, and also seeks to identify any gaps in the existing evidence.

Adoption has been a hot topic lately, with the DfE publishing An Action Plan for Adoption, which is intended to reduce delays in current processes. The subject was also tackled in a recent Ofsted report entitled Right on Time: Exploring Delays in Adoption.

Other links that may interest readers include the TACT website - TACT are a charity specialising in fostering and adoption issues - and their 2011 research report Aspirations Three Years On: The Views of Young People who are Fostered and their Carers.

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