Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Latest Research

There have been a number of useful publications from various sources in the last couple of weeks, so today's post is simply a brief roundup of all the reports that users of this site may find interesting:
  • The National Literacy Trust has just published a report by the Boys' Reading Commission, which investigates why boys' reading skills often lags behind girls'. You can access the full report here, and a summary of the background research is also available.
  •  The DfE has released it's latest batch of monthly publications - among the highlights are:
          Exploring the Flexibility of the Free Entitlement to Early Education: Research among Parents
          The Impact of Sure Start Local Programmes on Seven Year Olds and their Families
          Childcare and Early Years Survey of Parents 2010 (despite the title, it is new!
          Pupil Behaviour in Schools in England

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