Thursday, 4 October 2012

Education on the Web

I normally try very hard to stay impartial when posting information here, by just describing what an item is and posting a link to it, and then leaving it to the reader to decide whether or not it's useful or accurate in what it says. That said, today's post deals with a new publication which I really think is excellent, and should be of use to any education student or professional who is carrying out research.

Education on the Web: a Tool-Kit to Help you Search Effectively for Information on Education is a new publication from the NFER which describes itself as "an essential companion for any busy education professional undertaking their own research." The 7 chapters of the book cover topics such as how to carry out your literature search, the top websites in different areas of education, advice on using Web 2.0 to further your research, and there's also a glossary and advice on how to plan your searches. If I was to write an in-depth guide for students on how to carry out online research, I hope it would end up looking something like this!

That's the sales talk over... You can access the book in full by clicking here.

If you find the NFER's toolkit useful, two other publications which you may also like are the National Children's  Bureau's Guidelines for Research with Children and Young People, and BERA's Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research.

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