Thursday, 3 April 2014

Ofsted Annual Early Years Report

No doubt about today's big story relating to the Early Years... Ofsted has just published its first annual report devoted purely to the sector, and made quite a few headlines in the process. There's a lot to digest in the report, but the part that the press have picked up on is the claim that nurseries are not adequately preparing children for school.

You can read the report for yourself by clicking here. Two supporting documents from the Ofsted website that can help make further sense of the content include this speech delivered by Sir Michael Wilshaw when launching the report, and a survey entitled Are You Ready? which looks at examples of what Ofsted considers to be good practice from early years providers in getting disadvantaged and vulnerable children ready for school.

Judging by the comments in my Twitter feed, it's probably safe to say that the report's conclusions have not been received favourably by many working in the Early Years sector! Some of the concerns held by practitioners are outlined in this letter in today's Telegraph, while you can read the official responses to the report from various children's organisations from the links below:

National Children's Bureau response
PACEY response
Family and Childcare Trust response
4Children response

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