Friday, 30 January 2015

Last Post

I've been maintaining this site for almost 8 years, but this is my final post as I am moving onto a new role within the Library at University College Birmingham, and so will no longer be attached to the School of Education & Community. Fortunately the new librarian - Manjeet Dhillon - is going to pick up where this blog has left off, and you can access her new site from this link. It should be well worth bookmarking if you have found this blog of interest.

If you've only just discovered this site, all of the archived pages remain available, so you can still look at previous posts to see what's been covered, and hopefully most of the links will continue to work for a while yet! A big thank you also to all the people who've provided feedback about this site over the last few years, or who've told me that they found it useful. And seeing as approximately 50% of hits over the last 18 months have been to a single mammoth post about theorists, I might as well save new visitors some time by providing a link to the page - here it is :-)

1 comment:

KathyBrodie said...

So sorry to see this blog go, David.
I guess all good things must come to an end - and this blog has been an extremely good thing.
I've enjoyed the Pathé films, the discussions about Twitter and Wikis - and, yes, the theorists!

Very best of luck in your new role and a MASSIVE thank you for all the fantastic content on here.