Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Leadership / Disability

The theme of leadership seems to be a recurring one in the latest issue of OnTheWeb, which contains details of several related pieces of research which appeared in December. The DCSF published a report entitled The Impact of School Leadership on Pupil Outcomes, while the National College for School Leadership released Leading under Pressure: Leadership for Social Inclusion and also Leading Schools to Promote Social Inclusion: a Study of Practice, which is essentially a literature review of the available material in this area.

There were a number of other reports in the OnTheWeb newsletter which students may find useful for their research. One that particularly caught my eye was another DCSF publication entitled A Transition Guide for all Services: Key Information for Professionals about the Transition Process for Disabled Young People, although you should really have a look at the latest issue for yourself to see what it contains. If you're not actually sure what OnTheWeb is, look at this previous post to learn about this excellent service.

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