Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Anti-Bullying Week

19 - 23 November is Anti-Bullying Week, an annual event established in 2006 by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. The theme for this year's Week is We're Better without Bullying, with a focus on how bullying can impact on achievement at school. Already a piece of research commissioned for the event has made headlines by suggesting that some children hide their talents for fear of being bullied, while Eurydice has released a new briefing entitled Strategies to Counter Bullying, which examines how other countries tackle the issue.

For further information on bullying, you can view previous relevant posts on this site by clicking on 'Bullying' in the Hot Topics menu on the right of the page. Alternatively, you may want to look through my bookmarks on this topic, which will give you 25 links to get started!

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