About Me

My name is David Renfree and I am the Subject Librarian for the School of Education and Community at University College Birmingham (UCB). This role involves assisting both staff and students within the department to carry out their research by providing advice on resources and both 'traditional' and online information.

My professional interests include information literacy and the usage of Web 2.0 applications in higher education. I have contributed a number of articles to publications such as Sconul Focus, Freepint, and UCB's own Praxis newsletter, as well as delivering a series of presentations on various information-related issues at UCB's annual research conference. From 2008-2009 I also served on the editorial board of the Journal of Information Literacy.

As well as looking after this site, I maintain a collection of tagged links on the Diigo social bookmarking site - see this guest blog I contributed to another site if that means nothing to you! At present the collection consists of over 2500 links to useful web pages, most of which are related either to children's issues or information skills - these can be accessed at http://www.diigo.com/user/davidrenfree. You can also follow me on Twitter - UCBChildEd.

Outside of work I read anything and everything (well I am a librarian...), spend far too much time thinking about music and football, and put my professional skills to good use by organising my CD collection. I also try to ensure that I get back to my home county of Cornwall at least twice a year, and am not expecting to retire on my pub quiz winnings any time soon.