Did you know that you can leave comments on this site for other users to see? If you've read a post and think that I've not mentioned a useful resource, would like to request a further post on a similar topic, or just want to leave some constructive feedback, then you can do so. In theory this makes it possible to generate a public discussion on the site's contents, hopefully for the benefit of both myself and other users. Here's how it works:
  • Underneath each blog entry you will see a ‘comments’ link - click on this
  • A pop up-window will appear with a box to write your comments in - type in whatever you want to say
  • Below the comments box you will be asked to copy some text into a box marked 'Word Verification' - this is to prevent the blog becoming overrun with spam
  • Finally, choose 'anonymous' from the options below (you can always sign your name after the comment if you want people to know it's you)
  • Click on 'Publish your comment' and that's it done. The comment will appear on the site once I've approved it (this is to prevent people leaving abusive or offensive messages) , which will usually happen between 9-10 the following morning. You can read your contribution (and anyone else’s) by clicking on the same ‘comments’ link that you used to start this process.
Hopefully that's clear - anyone want to go first? Or if you'd rather contact me privately, then you can email me using the address at the top right of the screen.