Friday, 27 June 2008

Web Domains

For those of you who find it difficult to navigate the internet smoothly, things may be about to get harder. From next year, the way in which web addresses (URLs) are regulated will change radically.

Until then, why not improve your knowlege of the internet by learning what some of the common suffixes at the end of web addresses signify? Most people know that a .com at the end of a homepage indicates a company, but there are some other regularly used domains: - British FE / HE institution (eg - colleges, universities)
.edu - US educational institution
.org - non-profit organisation (eg - charities, thinktanks) - government website (eg - government department, county council) - school website

There are plenty of others, but those listed above are among the ones that you will often see listed in your search results when using the Web. This sort of knowledge can sometimes be useful when attempting to assess information that you have found.

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