Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Stay Alert!

I've written on here before about the usefulness of free alerting services such as OnTheWeb and Childlink's Weekly Update, which will send you relevant information to your subject area without you having to go hunting for it. So if you want to stay on top of developments in children-related matters over the summer, then hopefully today's post will be useful for you.

The NSPCC has a service called CASPAR (Current Awareness Service for Policy, practice And Research) which will send you a weekly email; this contains details of news stories, research, reports and upcoming conferences. To start receiving CASPAR, follow this link and then click on 'Sign up for email alerts' and follow the instructions.

Also recommended are the various bulletins which you can subscribe to from the Children & Young People Now website. Follow this link to be presented with a choice of 5 different alerts to pick from. Most of them are weekly, but if you crave a more regular fix of new information then the Children & Young People Daily service comes highly recommended. Though if you sign up to this one, then a lot of the posts on here will seem strangely familiar... :-)

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