Thursday, 7 April 2011

Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission

This week the government has announced the creation of a Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission to oversee progress in tackling child poverty and inequality in the UK. At the same time a new Child Poverty Strategy and Social Mobility Strategy have been published, which contain detailed information on how the government intends to tackle the issue of child poverty over the coming years; they have re-affirmed the commitment of the previous Labour administration to end child poverty by 2020.

On a similar note, the IPPR thinktank has just published Parents at the Centre. This research report investigates why disadvantaged families who might be expected to benefit most from the support provided by early years services are often among the least likely to use them. To read a summary of this study, click here; if you wish to access the full report then you will need to register with the site, though this is free and only takes a moment.

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