Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Shrek the Teacher

I'm often asked for information about men working in childcare, and have suggested some useful resources in a previous post. However, for a 'real world' take on what it's like to work as a male in the sector, I can strongly recommend Identity Crisis? No, I'm a Male Nursery Teacher! This is a blog written by a guy calling himself Shrek the Teacher (apparently 1 of just 48 men currently working in UK State Nursery Schools) and recounts his experiences in working with a class of 3 year olds. The different posts are by turns funny, honest and moving, and even if you're less interested in the 'men in childcare' angle, it still gives a fascinating insight into working with young children on a daily basis.

If you know of other good blogs written by people in the early years sector, please share them with other readers by adding a comment below and including the link. I may look to gather a collection of these together for a future post.

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